5 Question Friday

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas/Holiday last weekend and that y’all have a great New Years weekend this weekend – Stay safe!! What do y’all have planned for the New Year weekend? What about 2012 in general – Any fun plans, vacations, weddings, new babies, ect?? 2012 will be another exciting year for us!!

1. What’s the oldest piece of clothing in your closet?
I honestly couldn’t tell you. . . With the exception of a handful of shirts, I haven’t bought myself any new clothes in a while. I did get some new pants from my mom last year for Christmas – But everything in there is pretty old [some probably out dated, some stretched from my pregnancy].
2. How many random blog readers have you met?
Well since some of my friends and family know of this blog – I couldn’t tell you exactly. I don’t think I’ve met anybody who starts as just a blog reader, though.
3. Do you let your kids stay up till midnight on New Years Eve? (Or, if you don’t have kiddos yet, did you get to stay up until midnight as a child?)
I am not sure what we’ll do this year. . . We’re going to have friends over, and we haven’t really talked about if we’ll let her stay up or not. We’ve found that she can usually only make it to 10pm or so before she starts acting out from being tired, so if we do let her I don’t think she’ll make it. . . She’s not quite 2 yet, so you can’t expect much out of her!
4. What are the gas prices where you live?
I have no idea, honestly. We get gas on base, which is the cheapest place around here to do so – But I don’t really pay attention to the price because well, we need gas regardless of how much it cost. I think, though, that it’s around $3.80/gallon.

5. What is one resolution that you know you should do but are too afraid to try?
I honestly don’t make resolutions any more – I never have followed through with a single one. I’d love to get healthy and in shape, but we’ll see what comes of the new year!
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Sunday Snapshot

Hello all. . . Long time no see, huh? I know, it’s been a few months now. I wish that I could say that it’s because life is busy. . . But lets be honest here, can we? Life here in Hawaii has been boring for us. Since we don’t do much (trust me, I would love to get out & explore more), there isn’t a whole lot to blog about any more. I really miss blogging though, and I want to get back into the grove of it. Hopefully this’ll jump start it for me!

I am going to join in with Ni Hao Yall on her Sunday Snapshot to get you all updated on our life out here in Paradis. Did I mention that my baby girls 2nd Birthday is just 2.5 months away?! Oh my lanta, I feel like we just celebrated her 1st Birthday & moved to Hawaii, didn’t we?! She is such a joy in our lives, such a big girl and boy oh boy is she one smart little cookie!!!

Oh how I just love that sweet girl. . .

Sunday Snapshot

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Favorite Photo Friday

I’m joining in on a new photo meme over at The Long Road to China.

I, of course, won’t be able to just pick one picture. . . But I’ll do my best to limit the amount of pictures.

My big girl turned 18 months old this past week!

This was at her 18 month Well Child Check. Her hair is getting so long – I love putting them in pig tails. She also insisted on wearing her sun glasses inside. She’s too funny.

These last two were from when she got a special ice cream treat after her nap. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and pretty sprinkles. She loved it!!
the long road

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C is for Cookie

Oh hi there mister blog. I’m back again. Life got in my way of you. . . And then I uh, had to send my brand new lap top into the Dr to get fixed – Less then a month after I got it. I’m telling you. . . Horrible luck. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to spend less time on it & more with my girl? Probably. I want to be back to blogging often – But no promises here because well, it’s me.

Summer is coming to an end. . . But oh wait, it’s always summer time here in Hawaii. Not too sure how I feel about that just yet. It’s not hot enough out here to where I’m longing for the winter {because I’m use to no fall, growing up in SoCal and all}. Or maybe I just don’t get out enough. Either way – Summer is coming to an end. But not the fun we’re having!

This girl is. . . Amazing. Oh my goodness, she is so much fun. I have got to start documenting the things she says or does these days. Can you believe she’ll be 18 months on the 4th? A year and a half already!

She loves life. She really truly just loves life.

And cookies. But who doesn’t love cookies?

She loves to do arts & crafts. Oh boy does she love painting and color. At least once a day she ask “Color. Please?” And who can resist her sweet little please? She is quiet the little artist – And the messiest one I know!

She loves to be outside. I try to get her at least out back once a day – Fill up her water table and her little pool, give her her bucket of sand & toys and her chalk and she is golden.

She is so silly. She has the best personality I’ve ever seen in a toddler. I love it. Not a day goes by where she makes us laugh at least once, even on the worst of our days.

Stubborn. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. No idea where she gets that from ;) It calls for some interesting days. All three of us are very hard headed, so yeah. . . Times have been rough fun to say the least.

But through it all. . . The ups and downs, the great days and the extremely rough pull my hair out days. . . She is a one of a kind kid, she is our world and we absolutely adore her to pieces. We would do anything for her – Absolutely anything.

C is {also} for Cutie.

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Popsicle Love

Occasionally after lunch or dinner, or simply just because – I’ll let our little miss have a treat. She is such a good kiddo – I feel like having a treat every now and then is a-oh-kay! And boy does she love it.

On this particular day – It was a popsicle.

She quickly figured out how this works and went to town on it – Getting mad when I would take it away to cut off the plastic where there was no more popsicle.

Eventually when she wasn’t getting much out of it – She would just hand it to me to cut away.

I love how serious she looks. Popsicle eating is some serious business people!

She really enjoyed it, though. And I loved watching her eat her popsicle on a wam summer day. Becoming a mom has taken me back to my childhood so much already. While I don’t want her to grow up too fast, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and how many more memories from my childhood will creep up.


PS: Happy Birthday to my mom – Emmersyn favorite Grammie!!

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A New Photo Hop

I thought I’d enter in a new photo blog hop tonight.

Entering this into {A Photo} Challenge – Silhouettes.


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Red Velvet Cupcakes

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, we had a lovely visit with family this week. They provided a delicious meal & asked us to bring a dessert. Easy enough – I love baking and have been on a huge baking kick lately!

I decided to make Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The recipe was nothing special – Just Betty Crockers devils food cake with some red food coloring. But I made the frosting from scratching using cream cheese, butter, vanilla extract and [lots of] powder sugar. I never made the frosting before and the recipe I used made WAY more then I needed – But lesson learned.

I piped some frosting into the middle of the cupcakes – It was the first time doing that as well, so I didn’t put as much as I couldn’t, but it was still yummy. I then frosted them and added some red candy crystals. They turned out as good as I had imagined. And they tasted amazing.

They were a huge hit with everybody. I love that they aren’t super sweet like the normal cakes and cupcakes I make. I am a huge sweet lover – But it was a nice change to have something not so sweet.

This recipe will defiantly stay in my recipe binder!


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Family Visit

Some family has been in town on vacation for a few weeks now & got in touch with me last week wanting to get together. They are my moms cousins, and cousins we don’t see often at all, but family is family. Especially my family. It doesn’t matter how often we see each other, how long it’s been since we last saw or talked to each other, nothing. My family is the true meaning of family… Period.

So when my mom told me they were in town and would probably getting in touch with me – I couldn’t help but get excited. Moving thousands of miles away from my family when the furthest I’ve ever been was a 2 hour drive, has been an adjustment for me. So to have family out here and to take time out of their vacation time to not only visit with us – But cook dinner for us – Meant more to me then I can ever explain.

Thursday was the day… Unfortunately, the husband got home later then normal and as soon as he got home, we had to turn right around and take off. But a good time was had by all. I think the last time I saw Peter & Chris was in Jan 2008 when the husband and I had our big Wedding, yet it was like no time at all had passed.

Emmersyn had a blast! Everybody just loved her and she got a kick out of being the center of attention. She also got to play with her third cousin (my moms cousins (so my 2nd cousin) daughter). She was entertained all night and barely sat down to eat!

We sat and talked for about 3 hours. . . By then it was an hour past Emmersyn bed time and she was starting to come down from her little sugar high, so we figured it was time to take off. It was a great visit – With delicious food (and we were even sent home with about 10 bags of groceries) – And I was sad to see the night end.

I cannot explain how thankful I am for my family. Both the ones I keep in constant contact with – And the ones whom I see every few years. My family is amazing and my biggest and best support system!


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A New Family Member

Nope, I’m not pregnant ;)

Back in early June we got a new family member. A furry little guy. . .

Meet Trigger

[The day we brought him home]

He is a full bread German Shepard. He is… A handful. Having a toddler & a puppy is pure insanity. I’ll be the first to admit that. But I figured it would be. Things with him has gotten better — But I still cannot wait for the puppy stage to be long gone!

[The day we brought him home]

Emmersyn absolutely loves him. However, he is a puppy and is still learning his limits with her. He wants to jump and bite (a playful bite) and that just doesn’t fly when it comes to her, but he’s learning. She on the other hand loves to antagonize him. We went through a phase where she was throwing her toys over the gate to him, which is a huge no no! But everyone is learning. She looooves to run so that he’ll run after her, she laughs and laughs and laughs.

Seeing these pictures makes me realize just how much he’s grown!

He was born on April 1st – The same day as my Aunt who also got a puppy the same day as us!

Emmersyn loves to walk him. I’ll hand her the end of his leash and hold onto the middle part and she is just in heaven. She is such a dog lover. She tells him “Hi puppy” in this high pitched voice. Tries so hard to say Trigger, but half the time it comes out as “chee chee”. I taught her to tell him “no, no, no” when he’s trying to play too rough with her (he is ALWAYS supervised when around her), she tells him to sit over and over… And the most recent one is telling him down when he puts his front paws up on the living room gate. She is a sponge right now & I love it. She loves her puppy!

We are crate training him and that seems to be going well. He can hold his bladder for about 6-7 hours at night, which isn’t too bad. We usually let him out for the last time around 11pm and the husband is up for work at 6am most days & lets him out. On the weekends, he starts barking between 6-7am. He goes back in his crate until we get up for the day between 8a-9a.

It wasn’t until this last week or two that he’s been out of his crate more during the day. When the husband is at work – I just couldn’t keep an eye on him and didn’t trust him enough to get to spend most the day out of his crate. So I’d let him out every hour or two to go potty and stretch. We’ve since adjusted the baby gates so he can’t get into the kitchen. He is not allowed in the living/play room when Emmersyn is awake – And not until her toys are picked up at night (if they get picked up :x). We leave the back door open for him so he can go in and out when he needs to. He doesn’t have much space to hang out — But it’s better then being crated all day. Most the time he ends up laying by the living room gate wanting so badly to get in.

There’s a dog park about a block & a half up the street that we’ll eventually take him to a couple days a week… But he still isn’t done with his shots (the breeder didn’t take his records in during his 2nd round, so we had to start over), so we are being cautious and just taking him for short walks a couple times a week. He’s got a ton of energy – But the husband plays fetch with him in the house after dinner most nights to get him running.

It’s been an adventure – I won’t even go into our last vet appointment with him & Emmersyn. But I know that once we get past this puppy phase, things will get better!


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The Paper Mama Photo Challenge :: Black and White

So my computer, that I just got before our big move to Hawaii, crashed earlier this week. I was frustrated and sad. However, I decided that I will save my earnings from my new job (more about that later) and in 2 months time – I’ll drop the money on a MacBook. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them, and since I’ve had so many PC issues these last few years I thought it was time.

The husband looked at my computer & tried to fixed it – But he just couldn’t figure it out. Long story short – He told me to just go out & get a new computer now, and just “pay it off” back into savings with my earnings. Who would say no to that? [I did try, though] So Friday, in the midst of insanity [it was a week], I ran to the NEX with the specs in hand that the husband told me I needed and I got myself a new MacBook Pro.

I am in love. 

With both my husband & my new computer ;)

So here I am. The bad news? No photoshop. I literally JUST bought a new photoshop maybe a month ago. So I am super bummed… But as soon as I can – I’ll buy PS for the Mac and all will be well in my world again.

With all that said. . . I am back for a Photo Challenge.

This weeks theme is Black and White. I love me some B&W photographs – The hard part was picking out WHICH picture to use.

This picture of the little miss was actually taken a couple of months ago now. She was sitting at the kitchen table doing one of her favorite things – Coloring. The lighting was just right coming into the room from the back door in front of her. I went snap crazy this day. . . And this is one of the many that I just love. I was standing on the chair looking down at her.



The Paper Mama


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